Saturday, April 27, 2013

Don't you love the terminally thick! #irony

From  #Telegraph comments in 2011 :

Me (Tongue firmly in cheek)

All pensioners are wealthy. All the unemployed are "work shy".  Everyone on disability benefits is a scrounger. Pensions should be paid later because we are all blessed with superb health in older age.  Trades unions only exist to thwart the success of a business.

Can somebody please spin the truth to counter the epidemic of misinformation coming from this government


Reply from E*V*****

Are you some sort of Nutter, Chum??

There are some serious misconceptions in your head.

1.Some Pensioners might be wealthy, but the majority are NOT . . try being one.

2."All"  u/e  you say are workshy.  The u/e en masse cannot be regarded as one and the same. They are broken down into various groups, eg. Those made Redundant; those in failing health; new mothers; and Yes there are the lazy and the unemployable and the tongue tied immigrants.

3. People who work in Offices may very well work longer because their bodies are not worn out but the same cannot be said for the Hod Carrier, the Heavy Goods Driver, the Grave Digger and such like because their bodies are worn out.  This fact escapes the Politicians who do not do 'physical' work.

4. Trade Unions are a necessity so as to protect Employees from people seemingly like you.

5. You have clearly forgotten to tell us about yourself so as to give credibility to your to your facile statements.



Ever heard of irony!

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