Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I will be marching on May 10th

On May 10th 2012 I will be joining police officers marching in protest against 20% budget cuts.

I’m a member of the public that is horrified at the ConDems’ demolition of all the institutions that we value.

My large local policing base has been moved from a few doors down to a town that is 30 minutes’ drive away.

The local SNT has dwindled to one PC and one PCSO. Formerly it was a large team.

The SNT are so rushed off their feet it’s impossible to have a conversation with them without them being interrupted and being called to help the severely overstretched response teams.

When I phone for help, I want to see a sworn police officer, not a private security patrol that isn’t accountable to anyone other than their company’s shareholders.

We must preserve the Office of Constable.

The ConDems agenda is privatisation at any cost, as a matter of dogma not necessity.

Who will be there to keep us safe?

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