Friday, March 16, 2012

Destruction of the Police Service:The Privatisation Agenda

Inspector Gadget says“I still have absolutely no idea why they are doing this to us, but I know that they are only able to do it because we cannot strike. It is that simple.”

As he rightly says, the Fitness tests are a red herring but seem to have been universally “spun” to all the media. (Cameron may be a cnut but he excelled at PR!)

The coalition “spun” the Welfare Reform Bill as being mainly about being a cap on maximum welfare benefits. In fact it will take benefits away from approximately genuinely 500,000 disabled people, and award contracts to outside companies to reassess every disabled person irrespective of disability.

NHS reform has been punted as being “essential for an aging population”. In fact it’s a drive to award contracts to the lowest bidder with little attention paid to quality. All the healthcare PLCs are waiting in the wings to cherry pick the best bits.

Like every other part of public services, Winsor’s agenda for the Police is privatisation: awarding of contracts to the likes of Serco, G4S etc. It is “spun” as saving money, but no money will be saved, it will just enrich shareholders.

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