Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lies, Damn Lies and PIP Assessments

A blind friend posted this on Facebook today. (Sunday 22nd Jan 2012)

“I took part in a pilot study for the new PIP assessments carried out by Group 4 Security (G4S).

In the report that the OT carried out she said I made 'good eye contact' - I am completely blind! She also put down the incorrect eye condition.

She also inspected our bathroom without permission. She said I had refused to give some info - a lie!

What confidence should we have when DLA is replace (sic) by PIP?”

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Bio-Psycho-Social Model- Bad Science: How the truth has been twisted

I had planned to demolish the way in which the DWP and its Ministers cling to what they describe as the bio-psycho-social model. However a number of Guardian readers have done the work for me.
Why this official misrepresentation is allowed to continue is hardly surprising as without it the government's dodgy policy couldn't exist!

19 January
2012 6:46AM

I am a pensioner on DLA for previously-misdiagnosed Multiple Sclerosis.

I have a suspicion that [Maria] Miller, along with Harrison and the rest of them gets even the psychosocial model of disability arse-backwards.

When I was young, that very model was used to point out that a disabled person's ENVIRONMENT contributes massively towards our "disabling us further"- massive employment discrimination, inaccessibility of public buildings and public transport...Very little of that environment has changed, although yes, it is getting a little better.

In true Orwellian Newspeak, the government's "model" of disability (unencumbered by ANY personal 24/7 experience of disability) has twisted the original democratic and egalitarian model around IN ORDER TO to discriminate us MORE, ON THE ASSUMPTION THAT IF WE HAVE TO STRUGGLE MORE TO SURVIVE, THAT IN ITSELF WOULD MAKE US BETTER.

Miller's and Freud's weasel words clarify nothing, and they were not meant to. It's all about getting half a million people off their statutory right for help, by hook or by crook, and to disguise that from themselves and from the public. They're so transparent...

But thankyou to all contributors, especially Arec Balrin, for telling the truth against the government's barrage of weasel words.

19 January
2012 7:24AM

Another significant point has been made about the use of the BPS model. In its truest form the BPS model can be very effective in helping us understand illness not just in terms of the medical effects but in the way it affects our minds and social interactions. However that isnt that case here. What seems to have been done is that the BPS model has been cherry-picked for suitable terms then clobbered together into a form that can be used to deny the needs of massive amounts of sick folks while still claiming the validation of scientific basis.

19 January
2012 8:21AM

The "Harrison model" (Maria Miller's contorted "bio-psycho-social model) is itself a travesty -and distorted-plagiarism - of the 1970s psycho-social model of disability, which put the onus, not on the disabled, but on our environment.
Harrison's model is itself discriminatory, and is deliberately meant to be, in order to save the state money and promote the political goal of "survival of the fittest", in social policy as everywhere else (while providing an income stream for unqualified "assessors" doing discriminatory "assessments" in the name of the state.

Harrison and Miller can sue me if they think this is an inaccurate description.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Cameron and the Disabled

Little did I know when I wrote this that Cameron, whose late son was severely disabled, would do the usual rich toff thing and continue the marginalisation of those with disabilities by mocking those with Tourette's.

The ConDem changes to DLA, replacing it with PIP, will remove the right to any financial help for people on the lowest care rate of the current DLA.

The disgusting Tory media machine has now persuaded a large proportion of the populace that disabled people are "scroungers". Disability hate crime is on the increase. I have personally been challenged as to my right to disabled parking, despite displaying my Blue Badge.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

A New "Tory-Inspired" Society

How unpleasant UK society has become in the last year or so.

Disabled people have been subjected to a government inspired campaign that has led to those in genuine need being seen as the same as the "scroungers".

Government and local authority help for the most vulnerable and needy has been minimised or abolished.

Some young people have had to abruptly finish their secondary education because the EMA was the only way they could pay their bus fares to college.

Hospitals have reduced staff and closed beds.
In the future, if you can't pay, the NHS will provide only a service from the cheapest contractor.

All this policy comes from the millionaires in Cabinet. They really have NO idea what life is like for ordinary working people, let alone those with health issues.