Sunday, December 12, 2010

Protests hijacked by violent thugs.

“I may be permitted here to express my personal opinion. I shall no doubt not be accused of not loving liberty, but I know that not all movements of peoples lead to liberty.

But I know that great anarchy quickly leads to great exhaustion and that despotism, which is a kind of rest, has almost always been the necessary result of great anarchy.

It is therefore much more important than we think to end the disorder under which we suffer.
If we can achieve this only through the use of force by authorities, then it would be thoughtless to keep refraining from using such force”

Armand II, Duke of Aiguillon, 1789


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas MMW, Thank you for bringing your top food to the internet!

Mark said...

You're very welcome, and I hope my recipes are keeping you warm!

Anonymous said...

I dont suppose you are planning a Christmas meal special for your next post?

Mark said...

I think that's been done to death by the army of celeb chefs, but a vaguely seasonal recipe is on its way subject to satisfactory third party testing!